Our Focus

Ready to Grow St. Joe is a collection of early childhood stakeholders committed to ensuring that all children in St. Joseph County, birth to eight, have the foundation to thrive in school and in life. We work through our members to engage the community, build systems and empower families, with efforts focused on:


ISSUE: Only ten percent of 0-5 year olds are enrolled in high quality learning environments due to limitations in affordability, capacity and family knowledge about quality.

GOAL: All children have access to high quality early learning opportunities, regardless of socio-economic circumstances


  • Develop & implement clear and consistent community-wide messages about high quality learning
  • Collaborate to identify and address gaps in access to high quality and affordable early learning
  • Support efforts to encourage quality early learning through local, state and federal programs
  • Promote & support collaboration between families and early learning programs


ISSUE: Too many young children lack sufficient screening, prevention and early intervention services needed for healthy social, emotional, physical and cognitive development.

GOAL: All families have access to the services and supports needed to ensure healthy development


  • Improve accessibility of services through collaborative opportunities with existing service providers and families
  • Increase family and teacher support for gaps in services through collaborative partnerships
  • Increase family and teacher knowledge of services and how to access them
  • Increase family and teacher knowledge of healthy development


ISSUE: Families play a key role in their children’s overall development, but too many lack the strategies and tools to be actively engaged in their children’s learning.

GOAL: All families are actively engaged in children’s early learning


  • Align & increase access to existing family resources
  • Develop & share clear and consistent community-wide messages about the role of families in early learning
  • Increase & promote opportunities for families to access high quality family enrichment
  • Promote & provide collaborative opportunities for expanded home visiting programs